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We work with innovative founders to take their vision to reality and reach their full potential. When we commit to working with you, we become your partner, helping you move your vision forward with sound strategy, execution, and early-stage venture capital investment.


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We started StratMinds after many years of working in strategy/management consulting, M&A, business transformation, and investment. We are strategists, investors, operators, and hackers whose ambition is to build a better working world through innovative ideas and meticulous execution.


We passionately advise, incubate, and invest in those daring enough to challenge conventional wisdom. We don't judge a pitch by its cover. We help innovative founders turn their vision into a precisely engineered blueprint and a thriving business. In the process, we turn our seed investment into a tree ... and a forest.


As a results-driven organization, we are continually looking for ambitious and visionary partners with the drive and flexibility to take their company to the next level. Contact us to learn about our engagement/investment processes and our level of involvement.

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