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 Final Closing of AI Fund 

March 12, 2021

We are pleased to announce the final closing of our AI Fund, which invests in early-stage AI/Automation ventures that drive significant business innovations.

Since the launch of StratMinds, we have been actively supporting exceptional entrepreneurs with an ambition to generate an outsized impact in the world. Our first group of companies is already achieving significant appreciation and attracting preemptive funding interests (Series A+). This led to the 10-month earlier closing of our fund as per the early LPs’ unanimous requests.

We are fortunate to be backed by strategic investors with amazing entrepreneurial and professional track records (from Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Apple, AMD, Uber, SmartyPants, and more). We are grateful for their support and engagement. Their conviction enables us to invest in the next generation of ambitious founders.

Richard Jhang, CEO

Richard Jhang


We believe that AI and Automation technologies have hit the inflection point -- Their adoption is now expected and has become the business norm. From this point forward, it will be business innovation rather than technology advancement that will drive the lion’s share of the technologies-related wealth creation.

We have launched our next funds.

More info available to the investors in our network

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